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Project 300

Psams 2018 - Uduak Charles Diaries
Psalms 2018 recap

In 2016, UCDiaries officially started her outreaches to rural communities and risk-prone areas, with a vision of creating a better life for all, a mission of reaching the inaccessible and helpless, and a plan of restoring hope to lives.

Project 300 was birthed out of a deep concern to strategically help children get back to school with basic academic materials, support and facilities as well as taking children off the streets to the classroom. Four years on, our reach keeps expanding and we are growing stronger.

Project 300 recorded a huge success, with over 300 school children reached. We have provided academic materials such as notebooks, pens, pencils, new school uniforms and grooming services to over 300 school children to aide their back-to-school efforts.

Being a millionaire transcends having a million in one’s account. It takes into consideration our capacity to impact over a million lives, our ability to influence our environment and create positive social change thereby improving the quality of our existence.

Project 300 is one of the channels UCDiaries uses to touch lives and put smiles on faces. If we can clothe and sponsor the education of 300 school children yearly for the next 10 years, we would have successfully educated 3000 children thereby increasing their chances at leading productive, successful and sustainable lives.

This 3000 starts with 300, and that 300 begins with 1. If you could partner with us today and support our vision, at least 1 more child would be provided for.

Together we can and will fill up these diaries with stories of the mark we have made through our services to humanity.