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Psams 2016 - Uduak Charles Diaries

PSALMS is an annual rural outreach of Uduak Charles Diaries to communities in need. This project is carried out strategically in five folds:

  • Community Development
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Food provision

Just like the songs in the book of Psalms in the Holy Bible, PSALMS is targeted towards the children, the youths and the elderly.

Every time we reach out to these target population, the melodies of the songs playing in their hearts equals the satisfaction and joy that plays in ours, creating a perfect harmony.

We have played these perfect harmonies since 2016, with the aim of restoring hope to lives, giving meaning to living, and adding colour to their world. With our team of health professionals, we provide medical services and supplies to those in need of it; we also provide other relief materials ranging from foodstuffs to clothing and we engage the paid services of the local residents in our outreaches.

Every year, 55.3 million people die while 131.4 million are born (CIA World Fact-Book), with the leading cause of death being diseases followed closely and subtly by the environment.

How? One may ask. In rural communities for instance, pregnant women still die of malaria and infants still die from the eight killer diseases which are very well preventable.

PSALMS assesses the issues prevalent in each community, and seeks out measures to alleviate them by providing practical help to these communities. We make help available and accessible to the vulnerable.

If Psalms were a song, how may verses would you write? Let your name make up the lettered stories in PSALMS. Join us to save the world. One community at a time!