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Psalms Outreach 2020 Day 1

Psalms Outreach 2020 Day 1


In unity, the organization spent Day 1/ 3 making the schoolcommunity better.
Grasses were cut , the dilapidated floors were repaired and comfortable desks for the classrooms were delivered to the school.

Children won’t have to spend time cutting grasses when they should be learning. They won’t get tired physically before they start mental work.

They won’t have to sit on floors or bad chairs just to learn. Now they can sit comfortably.

In addition to this, we made a new signboard for the school and put up the Nigerian flag.

The painting and wall decorations also took place in day one.

Education thrives in A clean, conducive and comfortable environment.

Psalms 2020 was a story. We are telling you the story!
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