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Psalms Outreach 2020 Day 3

Psalms Outreach 2020 Day 3

Imagine a child runs to you and says
“Hey, look at me!”
You look up and see her smiling and giggling with a laboratory coat . She says
“I want to be a doctor. I want to stop people from falling sick”

Won’t you smile and be proud?

But many school children can’t afford school uniforms. For those who can afford it, they wear torn or faded ones because they can’t afford to keep buying newer and brighter ones.

A doctor starts with a school uniform. An engineer starts with a school uniform. Every job a person will get, even if it doesn’t require a uniform, starts with a uniform.

The doctors of the future need uniforms for basic education. The Presidents of the future need uniforms to learn how to read and write.

Psalms 2020 did not just beautify the classroom and school, clean the community and provide free medical services to the community.

It also provided 300 school uniforms for every student and learning materials free of charge!

Now, the future is bright, smiling and hopeful because your 2020 vision saw how it could make it better through Psalms 2020. As we look forward to Psalms 2021, we celebrate the lives that were made better.

You can be a part of this. Your organization can partner with us. You can partner with us. You can donate, you can volunteer. You can make lives better with What you have and whatever you do.

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