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Call For Partnership (Valentine 2020)

Valentine 2020 Call for Partnership - UduakCharlesDiaries

Call For Partnership (Valentine 2020)

How about doing something different?
How about going an extra mile this February?

This year would make us 5 years intentionally making a difference in our local communities and God has been Super Faithful. To this end, we hope to do more with your Support and esteemed partnership..

Can you afford a sanitary pad for a girl child? We need 100 of those!

Do you Run a makeup studio? How about Teaching a few kids this February?

Do you Bake? Could you teach some kids how to do so?

Do you Run a computer school? Could you enroll a few kids?

Are you a Barber or a tailor? Could you have some kids under you for a while?

This year, we hope to go beyond the classroom. We hope to get them the skills for survival. Why not be a part of this?

For Partnerships and Support,
Please contact us on:
[email protected]
Or call Engr. Harold Benson on +2347036538935