1 Child, 1 Book, 1 Uniform Girl Child Outreach 2021 Our Fight Against Covid-19 With Union Bank Project Renew Project RENEW, is a Community Development Service project undertaken to contribute to the growth and development of communities
Uduak Charles Diaries



Creating a better life for children, youths and the elderly worldwide

Uduak Charles DIaries



To render humanitarian services to communities in need for a global impact

Uduak Charles Diaries

Core Values


Family, Integrity, Relevance, Selfless Service, Teamwork, Empathy, Sustainability, Excellence, Commitment, Trust

Uduak Charles Diaries

Key Focus Areas

Key Focus Areas

Health, Education, Empowerment, Food and Water, Community Development

uduak charles diaries

Why Diary?

It was born out of the sincere desire of bringing back hope to lives. It is named a diary as it hopes to be a collection of success stories resulting from our people oriented projects.

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Voice of Education Africa - UduakCharlesDiaries


I'm Queen Esther Anyanwu, founder Voice Of Education Africa. I'm an Akwa Ibomite, an Abian by marriage. I have a family of ve, 3 children and my wonderful husband. I'm an educationist by profession and fortunately for me, it's also my passion. Before I decided to partner I had seen several uploads of UC Diaries about girl child education, donations, medicals etc but what really caught my attention is the uniform for 300children. Each time I see a child in school uniform there's something I feel that I can't explain, I just couldn't resist so I decided to partner and speak with the girls. I was given the opportunity and to me it was a great outing. The day I spoke with the girls I'll say I had a mixed feeling, I was not happy that we could not get to some teenagers before they made certain mistakes. But I was happy that at this stage we shared the truth and they could approach us for assistance. I also advised them on some vocation that could redene their lives.

Mrs. Queen Esther Anyanwu Founder (Voice of Education Africa)

Okon Angela Abasiama - UduakCharlesDiaries


I got to know about UC Diaries and Psalms on Social media. I saw a post by a friend on WhatsApp and felt a nudge to get involved. Psalms 2018 was a dream come true for me, as I got to practice a profession I love so much. I served in the medical unit. I'm glad to be part of an organization that provides me a platform to serve humanity. House of Psalms is filled with positive and Purpose-Driven people. I look forward to more fun and services.

Okon Angela Abasiama Student (Human Anatomy), University of Uyo

Ene Chioma Deborah - UduakCharlesDiaries


I worked with the Community Service Team and fully participated in the painting of the school chalk board. The most important thing which made Psalms 2018 a memorable one was the love and unity that exist between us. It was my first time but it was like I have been with them for ages. Psalms provided me with the opportunity of reaching out to people and putting smiles on their faces. Seeing those smiles on the faces of the people made my journey with Psalms worth it and I really appreciate the Chairman for creating such a platform. No challenge was encountered. I suggest Skill Acquisitions should be attached in the upcoming Psalms 2019 to improve the lives of the people.

Ene Chioma Deborah Student (Geography and Environmental Management), University of Port-Harcourt

God'slove Reuben - UduakCharlesDiaries


I heard about UC diaries and Psalms on Facebook after seeing a post by the Chairman and I was moved to find out what Psalms was about and thank God I follow the Holy Spirit. Psalms 2018 was the first time in my life I had the privilege and the platform to put smiles on peoples faces especially the children. It wasn't that easy though; the late night sewing, abandoning my personal jobs just to meet up the deadline but believe me, the testimony was massive, I have improved in my field. I get jobs that wow me since then. God has been faithful. Psalms family is filled with amazing people and I'm blessed to be part of them. God bless house of Psalms. Next year will be great cause we are global.

God's love Reuben CEO, Abascloset (Fashion Home)

Relevance & Sustainability

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We seek to reach as many people within our communities who will be the most impacted by our presence, projects, and gifts. From the Girl Child Outreach to Psalms across the years, we have consistently built on previous successes and impacted several lives.