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Project RENEW


In the words of Dr. Uduak Charles; “it’s time for the youths to get their hands dirty not with acts of violence and vices, but with acts of love and kindness”.

The world is so full of pain and stories that can bring back the pains, but very few offer hope and light pointing the way out of the dark. In UCDiaries, we replace the ruins and rebuild the walls, we replace the tears and renew the smiles, we replace the pain and renew hope. This truly is our reason for living. There are scars that run deep and cause hurts and pains that cannot be seen, we provide a chance for healing and a hope to live through it. Hope is the message we took to Ibianang Ediene Community in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State on September 14, 2019.

In order to rewrite the past, there must be renewing of the present. UCDiaries recorded yet another story as it offered services of love to the elderly, the youths and the children as well. This was significant and very important to us because it reminds us of where we come from and points to where we are headed. By making new things, we renew the old and change its substance and form. This may not correct for the wrongs done, but it empowers for the right that needs to be done.

When we see a need, we take the lead and create a change. This is what UCDiaries is all about. We send a message of hope but since hope cannot be seen, we inspire it through the physical acts of love and kindness. At the end of the day, one will discover that the main aim of all these, is to make you an inspiration to others and then to the world, but it begins one step at a time. Our good acts are like equity stored up for the future, so when it pays, posterity will live off its benefits.
Doing good one day at a time to one person at a time creates a ripple effect like a stone thrown into a stream. It starts a change that is not only positive but contagious because deep down inside we are all humans who breathe and bleed, who feel and feed and recognize our universal language – love. UCDiaries is not just a succor from the aches and pain; we help you see the sunshine and rain. UCDiaries is not just interested in covering the scars; we also discover your stars. UCDiaries is not just a foundation, we are “Youmans” and we tell a story.

Alone, we are a star but together we are the sky. Alone, we have scars but together our dots connect to tell the story of Life. We are Uduak Charles Diaries and renew is what we do; it’s up to you to join us and help us rewrite more stories because at the end of the day we all must tell a story.