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Keke Outreach 2022

Keke Outreach 2022

Today, a Keke man who is a Daddy to children, will go out to hustle like every other day so he can make money for school fees before fee drive starts. He better drive before fee drives! To him, that is Valentine’s day.

Today, a Keke man who is a brother to a sister will go out to hustle so he can send money to his sister.

Today is like every other day because most likely, no one will give them ice cream or Chocolate or cake.

But love is value and today, our diary will record that we reached out to 20 Keke Men/women and filled their tank for Free. 20 full tanks of love. Just like the Prophet in the bible filled the woman’s vessels and it carried them when she thought it was the end, our little will become plenty for them.

That will be Valentine’s day for us and for them!

We encourage you today to leave a little Change with Keke drivers. Pay 100 for 50, smile and ask them how their day was

Love is in the air but we would love to walk with it on foot, feel the earth as it is grateful when they say Thank you!



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