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The Girl Child Outreach 2021

The Girl Child Outreach 2021

You think Valentine’s Day is for lovers only. You’re wrong. Valentine’s day is for love-hers too. We are love-hers (lovers of womanity). At the age of 18,no, at the age of 14,no, at the age of 11. Did you know that girls even start menstruating from the age of 9? Every monthly, for a flow of 3-7days on average, girls menstruate. One would expect that since it is a part of life, a pad should be as cheap as a sachet of water. No. A pad at minimum is 350. On the 14th of February, 2021, the foundation loved on 150 “hers” (girls) at Federal Science and Technical College, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and we did it in all the love languages.

We spent quality time of about three hours together ;. Speaking to them about menstrual hygiene, mental health , the girl as an entrepreneur and God’s plan for their lives. We affirmed their power, their beauty, their intelligence. We let them know there is no shame is monthly flows, they are not unclean and they can dare to dream big, then bigger.

At the end of the outreach, each girl got a Longrich pad. 150 girls were given pads. While we are happy that hearts were touched, we are excited that lives were touched. 150 girls will have a less painful menstruation. 150 girls will not be ashamed when they are on their period. 150 girls are working on having a healthier mental Health. 150 girls are among the great women of the future with bigger vision, bigger dreams and bravery .

Of course, our act of service to the blessing of womanity, was to love them the way we did. It was actually an act of love. When we say we, this includes majorly all the volunteers and people who made donations.

To love is human, to love-her is divine!



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