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Community Service

Psams 2018 - Uduak Charles Diaries

Community Service

Gone are the days when Africa was a code word for slavery. The labours of her heroes past did set her free. More importantly, what makes us free is the quality of the things we do with the opportunities we are blessed with.

It is our duty now to make room for shared experiences and joy and this is embedded in our acts of service to humanity.

Every problem may not be solved; every tear may not be wiped but with every progress we make, with every step we take as a team, we get closer to bettering lives and impacting humanity one community at a time.

<b>We take pride in rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty and settling down to brass tacks. Just as we love to give out supplies to assist these communities, we derive joy in performing actual services such as filling the pots of the elderly with clean water, cleaning town halls, mowing the grasses at the village squares, filling pot holes and providing tailoring and grooming services, etc to the inhabitants of our focus community. This we believe is the core of community service.</b>

You and I can make a huge difference if we come together to assess the needs of these communities and pull resources together to create a change.

<b>We aren’t just preaching service to humanity; we practice it through direct services to these communities.</b>

Our strategy is to Solve Multiple Issues in Life Everyday – SMILE