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Raise a Flag

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Raise a Flag

A white flag in the air represents surrender especially in the event of a war. But what happens when we hoist a flag colored in simple beauty into the bright morning sky, with acts of love and kindness and a passion for service and change? Is that too, a war that we are surrendering to? We never stop until its done, we have a mandate and it is to restore hope to lives.

On the 14th day of September 2019 in a school premise, the Uduak Charles Diaries Foundation did something that was very significant in its simplicity. After a series of community services and acts of kindness, the UCDiaries brought down the old Nigerian flag and hoisted a new one that stood clean, soared high and basked in the glory of the morning sun, check out The colours – green and white – signified the beginning of a new phase for the school and her pupils, and more importantly, for a new Nigeria. a new Nigeria where things work and her leaders are sensitive to solving her problems; those leaders are the ones whose lives we touched, whose tears we wiped, whose bodies we clothed, whose classrooms we redesigned, whose bellies we fed, whose smile we renewed and whose hope we restored on that fateful day.

With every soldier standing around the base of the flag and looking up into the sky, we spelled hope in that singular act of raising a flag. Most of us have experienced surrender when we raised Original link our flags that were white with no other message but defeat. But UCDiaries raised a flag with colours that speak of a bright future, of hope, and of a new Nigeria.
We may not be able to help all children in need, but we can help one child today who will emerge a leader tomorrow and help more children. Together, we can help more than one child at a time; with your support, we can record more stories of change in our diary and we can create the change that we so desire.

We raise a flag with a message boldly inscribed – HOPE FOR TOMORROW! What message does yours carry?