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REPLACE – Psalms Outreach 2018

Psams 2018 - Uduak Charles Diaries

REPLACE – Psalms Outreach 2018

It is often said that to design the world we want to live in, we must first create it. To experience the new, we have to replace the old.

The new gives one the opportunity to create something better and the advantage it has over the old is that it is current, potent and is written in bold letters with the ink of impact.

Creating impactful changes is a key tenet of our outreaches to communities in need.
We raise building blocks as milestones driven towards rebuilding our societies and we set to achieve this, one outreach at a time.

This was the mindset with which we marched as a team to Efa Ayam/Ikot Obio Iko in Etinan LGA of Akwa Ibom State during our 2018 Psalms outreach. We took it upon ourselves to replace the worn-out signage for their Government Primary School.

With no exact model but the goodness of our hearts and the joy we feel when we reach out to a community in need, we work tirelessly to replace the old with the new through our humanity-centered acts of service. At UCD, we work hand-in-hand as a united team of volunteers to REBUILD REPLACE and RESTORE.

This is the core of what we do!