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How we give back

Psalms 2018 School chalk board painting - Uduak Charles Diaries

How we give back

Education is the bedrock of every society that seeks to grow and advance. Unfortunately not many children in the rural villages are opportune to access quality education due to inadequate or a complete lack of good teaching facilities.

Luckily, we are blessed with a team of assertive volunteers from different works of life who come in with all the energy and ginger needed to work the talk. Why complain when we can make a change no matter how little?

The picture above captures the moment our volunteer sets to work with a huge smile plastered on her face to blacken the boards used for teaching in one of the community schools we visited, check out With a properly darkened board, the teachers can write legibly and the pupils can easily read and copy notes to improve upon their studies.

What better way is there to show the love we constantly talk about and pass the message of service to humanity than taking practical steps to fix what we can fix?

If we can, you too can. We encourage you to invest a few hours of your time into giving back to society by joining us in our next outreach.