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Rebuild the walls

Rebuild the Walls - UduakCharlesDiaries

Rebuild the walls

The African proverb says; “if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. In our bid to help communities and people in need, we have to rewrite their stories and that’s why we are a diary with many stories rewritten. But we have always done this together, with the motive of not just going far into the future by rewriting the past and living the present right, but of making so much quality and life brim in the hearts and eyes of each individual we encounter so we can all be the building blocks for our tomorrow.

From the ruins of a forsaken system, we lay the foundation for a new beginning by rebuilding the walls. This was not done literally but if you look closely you’ll see. The floors were broken with potholes in them, we filled the holes and every possibility of wounds (both visible and hidden). The walls were pale and bleaching with no motivation in them, we painted the walls and designed it to speak “welcome to school – the place for learning”. The boards were white and could hardly bear the words that could shape these young minds, we blackened the boards so the children could see with a clean perspective – white in colour. The desks were insufficient and the floor became their seats, we made desks and tables to enable them to learn in comfort. The environment was bushy and sent vibes of desolation, we cleared the environment and sent vibes conducive enough for learning. We rebuilt the broken walls.

We can make a city gate and fence its treasures but we can never live to our best potentials if we are caged and have no model of success. The children are an investment for the world to be a better place and if we look closely there’s a kid in all of us. But when these children grow up in societies that point the finger more and paint the finger less, in societies that criticizes more than help them learn, in societies that show no roadmap to the future where they can be all they dream then they start feeling inadequate, undeserving, indolent and unworthy of the dreams that they nurtured in their hearts. We choose to rebuild the walls. In the words of a poet;

The child carries the seed of greatness deep inside
That’s why greatness is never born a man, but a child
However, if not protected, these seeds could be exposed to comparison with trees
And what it does is kill their dreams and potentials before they even have the chance to live or truly be
There’s a reason why children are referred to as posterity
Its because they are the future and the means by which we post our great tales of greatness to ring in eternity
But if we keep destroying and killing what we once were, is that not hypocrisy?
Soon enough we’ll discover that all we ever did was plan our own funeral
When the seeds of hate and pangs of regret awake us to of six feet deep burial
We can make the difference one step at a time
If we help one child at a time, one day at a time
Let’s together paint a picture of a smile
That widens to a grin upon the faces of every child
Because when we look at the world with innocent eyes, everything is divine
And nothing spells innocent like C.H.I.L.D.


So stand with us shoulder to shoulder, and support us hand in hand to build from the ruins and debris; join UCDiaries and together let’s rebuild the walls.